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On 2018-09-19 (game time: 2018-09-19) in the section "local_news"
Caption: Local Resident Outraged with Price of Simple Antibiotic
A local resident this week is outraged with the cost of antibiotics for her elderly mother in law. Ms Wheeler collected the medication for her mother in law and was sold a bottle of water and a measuring cylinder as she was on an extended course of antibiotics suspension with multiple bottles. "The pharmacist told me that I had to buy a bottle of water and measuring cylinder to reconstitute the additional bottles of antibiotic suspension which made this very expensive for my mother in law. This is the first time this has happened to me. When I have been in a similar situation with my children, I usually gets the water to reconstitute the suspension in individual bottles from her regular pharmacy." Ms Wheeler stated. This resulted in a complaint to the authorities in Pillborough.